мобильное оборудование для синхронного перевода
радиооборудование для синхронного перевода
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_ Mobile equipment
for simultaneous interpretation and tour groups

Whisper equipment

Whisper equipment provides a workable alternative when budget constraints or scheduling problems preclude the use of full simultaneous interpretation equipment. It is particularly well suited for short meetings such as office meetings, court sessions, training sessions, focus groups, tour groups, trade show exhibits, etc. Whisper equipment can also be used to supplement full simultaneous equipment at conferences with short breakout sessions, meal functions or site visits in venues other than the general session room or than interpretation is needed only for a few persons at a conference hall.

How whisper equipment works?

The interpreter sits or stands on the periphery of the group, where he/she can hear what is going on without headphones and wears a portable transmitter. The interpreter 'whispers' into a lapel microphone which is transmitted to delegates who listen on wireless receivers within a range of about 200 meters. The receivers are multi-channel (up to 16 channels), so interpretation can be provided in several languages at once if required (each language requires a separate transmitter). Interpreters working together as a team for a single language must share a single transmitter and microphone. Because there is no sound isolation booth, the interpreters can be heard in the room by the other delegates, hence the need for whispering into the microphone.


    Mobile equipment for simultaneous interpretation
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